Master Your Build: The New Construction Timetable Planner Guide

Building your own home can be complex, but careful planning and preparation can be an enriching experience. The key to a smooth construction process is understanding the stages involved, which I’ll explain in detail below. Below is a free printable new construction timetable planner.

Mastering your construction schedule ensures that your projects are completed on time and within budget.

This guide will walk you through the importance of a well-planned construction timeline, critical steps in developing one, and tips for staying on track.

  1. Preparation and Planning

The first step in building a home involves three crucial aspects: Land Purchasing, Designing, and Budgeting. Begin by securing the plot of land, work with an architect to design the blueprint of your dream home, and establish a budget for the project that includes all potential costs.

  1. Construction Permits and Approvals

Before breaking ground, ensure you take the necessary legal steps. Apply for building permits and zoning approvals, and conduct environmental checks and soil testing to confirm the land’s suitability for construction.

  1. Site Clearing and Foundation

Once the legalities are sorted, begin with site excavation and clearing. The foundation of the house is then laid, which may involve concrete or basement construction based on the design of the house.

  1. Building Structure

Now comes the exciting part of seeing your house take shape. The walls, roof, and floors are framed, followed by the installation of windows and exterior doors.

  1. Utility Installation

Next is setting up the house’s critical systems: electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC installation. These systems form the backbone of every home and ensure it functions properly.

  1. Interior and Exterior Work

With the utilities installed, the focus shifts to insulating the house and installing drywall. Exterior work includes siding, brickwork, and painting, while interior work covers painting, flooring, and installing fixtures.

  1. Final Touches

The home is almost ready, but it’s time for landscaping. This could involve planting lawns, plants, and trees and maybe adding a deck or a patio. Once done, secure the final inspections and the certificate of occupancy.

  1. Moving In

After a final walkthrough with the builder to ensure everything is perfect, it’s time for the most exciting part – moving into your new home.

Building your own home is filled with excitement, anticipation, and a fair share of challenges. But with the proper preparation, the result can be a beautiful dwelling you can proudly call your own.

New Construction Timetable Planner Guide

TasksEstimated DurationStatus & Notes
Residential Construction152 days 
Sign the contract and notice to proceed20 days 
Cure basement walls for seven days1 day 
Apply for Permits0 days 
Secure foundation permit0 days 
Secure framing permit0 days 
Secure electrical permit0 days 
Secure plumbing permit0 days 
Secure HVAC permit0 days 
Secure miscellaneous permits0 days 
Site Work3 days 
Clear and grub lot1 day 
Install temporary power service1 day 
Install underground utilities1 day 
Foundation42 days 
Excavate for foundations3 days 
Form basement walls13 days 
Place concrete for foundations & basement walls12 days 
Lay 1st-floor decking7 days 
Strip basement wall forms2 days 
Waterproof/insulate basement walls2 days 
Perform foundation inspection1 day 
Backfill foundation2 days 
Framing22 days 
Install 1st floor joists2 days 
Frame 1st-floor walls2 days 
Frame 1st floor walls4 days 
Frame 1st floor corners1 day 
Install 2nd floor joists2 days 
Frame 2nd floor decking2 days 
Frame 2nd floor walls3 days 
Frame 2nd floor corners2 days 
Complete roof framing3 days 
Conduct framing inspection1 day 
Dry In22 days 
Install 1st floor sheathing3 days 
Install 2nd floor sheathing3 days 
Install roof decking3 days 
Install felt, flashing and shingles3 days 
Hang 1st floor exterior doors1 day 
Install 1st floor windows3 days 
Install 2nd floor windows3 days 
Exterior Finishes19 days 
Complete exterior brick16 days 
Complete exterior siding3 days 
Utility Rough Ins and Complete Concrete21 days 
Rough-in plumbing5 days 
Conduct rough-in plumbing inspection1 day 
Place concrete for basement floor11 days 
Rough-in electrical5 days 
Conduct rough-in electrical inspection1 day 
Rough-in HVAC3 days 
Conduct rough-in HVAC inspection1 day 
Rough-in communication – phone, cable, computer, alarm2 days 
Interior Finishes30 days 
Insulation11 days 
Place wall insulation – 1st floor1 day 
Place wall insulation – 2nd floor1 day 
Place ceiling insulation – 2nd floor1 day 
Conduct insulation inspection1 day 
Drywall9 days 
Install drywall – 1st floor walls2 days 
Install drywall – 1st floor overhead2 days 
Install drywall 2nd floor walls2 days 
Install drywall 2nd floor overhead2 days 
Tape and float 1st floor drywall1 day 
Tape and float 2nd floor drywall1 day 
Paint and Wallpaper17 days 
Texture all except entry and kitchen – 1st floor1 day 
Paint all except entry and kitchen – 1st floor1 day 
Hang wallpaper entry and kitchen – 1st floor1 day 
Texture all – 2nd floor1 day 
Paint all – 2nd floor1 day 
Paint exterior siding & trim work4 days 
Cabinets6 days 
Install 1st floor – kitchen cabinets2 days 
Install 1st floor – master bath and guest cabinets1 day 
Install 2nd floor – hall bath and private bath cabinets1 day 
Install chair rails, crown moldings, trim2 days 
Finish Plumbing6 days 
Complete 1st floor – kitchen plumbing1 day 
Complete 1st floor – master bath and guest plumbing2 days 
Complete 2nd floor – hall bath and private bath plumbing2 days 
Conduct finish plumbing inspection1 day 
Finish Electrical3 days 
Complete 1st floor circuits to service panel1 day 
Complete 2nd floor circuits to service panel1 day 
Conduct finish electrical inspection1 day 
Complete communications wiring – phone, cable, computer, alarm2 days 
Finish HVAC3 days 
Complete 1st floor – zone 1 HVAC1 day 
Complete 2nd floor – zone 2 HVAC1 day 
Conduct HVAC inspection1 day 
Carpet, Tile and Appliances8 days 
Carpet, Tile, and Appliances3 days 
Carpet 1st floor2 days 
Carpet 2nd floor2 days 
Install appliances1 day 
Landscaping and Grounds Work12 days 
Pour concrete driveway and sidewalks2 days 
Sod and complete plantings – front yard2 days 
Sod and complete plantings – backyard1 day 
Final Acceptance8 days 
Complete final inspection for certificate of occupancy1 day 
Cleanup for occupancy4 days 
Perform final walk-through inspection1 day 
Complete punch list items5 days 

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